Haumea, global market

Mechanics on demand

Haumea is a mechanical skilled company manufacturing and supplying custom-made gearmotors projected to suit customer needs.
A professional team, with a long experience in the power transmission sector, collects the specific needs and quickly provides concrete answers. Since the first years of running, Haumea always excels by its excellence features about design and productivity, achieving, year after year, always more ambitious goals.

World Market


Our products are all over the world; through our large and customizable product range, we are in any sector, civil or industrial, who needs our technology.
The 45% of the production and distribution is sold in Italy; the remaining 55% in all the world market:
Europe – United States of America – Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand) – Australia and Latin America (Brazil – Argentina)

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Quality & Certification

Haumea Srl have been certified to the ISO 9001/2015 Quality Management System.

Flexibility is our must

Flexibility allows to cut on times and to make the best choices.