Flexibility is our must

Flexibility is our must

For Haumea staff and organization, flexibility represents a great added value that customers recognize and appreciate. Both in the warehouse management and in the design and development process of products, flexibility allows to cut on times and to make the best choices.

Just-in-time components

The warehouse is arranged to assure a “just in time” availability of materials for the internal production as well as for the external technical support requests. The delivery within 24/48 hours from the order is the result.

The process depends on the solution

Every manufacturing step, from the project to the finished product, is managed by engineers who study all application-related needs and decide if the best way is a standard custom-made assembly or a brand-new solution.

Total traceability

While planetary gearboxes are manufactured, an univocal code number is created for each product. This code follows the item throughout the production process, enabling its complete traceability even after many years. Once the code has been created, each manufactured item is tested and shipped within 24/48 hours.

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