Hydraulic Flow Dividers

Hydraulic Flow Dividers

Italgroup flow dividers are made using radial piston motors.
Thanks to this characteristic, they can reach a very high accuracy.
The synchronization error depends by different factors:

  • Oil viscosity and temperature;
  • System pressure mean value and variability;
  • Total flow rate that must be divided.

Our flow-dividers approximate synchronization error is about ±0.5%. This synchronization degree is maintained over a wide flow range. In addition, due to the low leakage rate located in every individual section, the high synchronization degree is maintained with different load conditions.
Our flow dividers can be: Two sections (FD series) and multistage (FDM series, up to 8 sections).


FD/FDM Series

The FD radial piston flow dividers allow a single flow to be divided into two output flows. Thanks to the high volumetric efficiency of the radial piston construction type, this is combined with precision levels exceeding 99% and the option of flanging synchronisation valves directly to the unit.


  • two stages flow dividers
  • accuracy: up to 99%
  • wide working range
  • add-on relief & cavitation valves